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Our Values


We listen to you. We hear your ideas. We share our stories. We listen to your response.


Work together to shape implementation processes that maximize the intended benefits, not only for the client company, but most importantly for people they affect.


Adjust, adapt, and promote visible, measurable and sustainable steps toward defined objectives.

Problems aren’t solved by heads stuck in sand, we need to engage and to reach out a hand for we live in a world that we all have to share, and that my dear friend is why we must care.

– Paul Moxness, The Always Care Consulting Company, Inc.

Sharing Experiences

A sought after speaker at meetings and conferences, Paul Moxness has spoken in the United Nations, the European Parliament, the European Commission, the UK Parliament, the US State Department as well as at high profile events hosted by ASIS International, the International Security Management Association, the Global Business Travel Association and ITB Berlin.

Always entertaining, he has even been the after-dinner entertainment for the Radisson Hotel Group Board!

His most popular sessions include:

“How I Thrived for Thirty Years at The Company That Didn’t Want To Hire Me”

“The Four-Decade Gap Year – 87 Stories from The University of Life”


Let's Work Together

Corporate workshops should be fun, educational and based on proven, real life examples. We offer a menu of workshops that can be tailored to our clients needs. 


These short, power packed sessions are based on experiences from Paul Moxness upcoming book: “The Four-Decade Gap Year – 87 Stories from the University of Life and include:

  • To show leadership, move the ashtray
  • Focus on the start line instead of the finish line
  • Shredding the manual to improve compliance
  • What our dancing daughter taught us about networking
  • The difference between corruption and hospitality
  • True loyalty programs don’t give you points

Recent Projects

Strategic Support 

Supporting a global hospitality company on implementation of their five-year strategic safety and security operations

Developmental Support 

Supporting the European hospitality industry trade associations in development of a safety and security information sharing platform.

Practical Partnerships

Supporting hospitality sector development and practical implementation of the EU Action Plan for Protection of Public Spaces.

Proud Partners of NorthPoint International Providing unsurpassed global expertise to the world of hotel and hospitality security!

Get to know us

Paul Moxness

Co-founder, Director

Paul’s career literally took him from the basement to the Board Room.

Starting as hotel security guard in 1987, he retired from the Radisson Hotel Group as Global Vice President, Corporate Safety and Security in 2018. He was named IFSEC’s #1 Global Influencer in the Security Executives Category in 2018.

Kirsten Moxness

Co-founder, Director

Entrepreneur, pioneer and business owner.

Kirsten Moxness was a forerunner in making massage one of the most favored employee benefits in Denmark. She literally had the top legal minds and government ministers in the palms of her hands as she led the way helping companies focus on wellness to improve employee health and job satisfaction simultaneously.

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