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Hospitality in the Age of AI

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Digital cannot replace human interaction, and hospitality is all about making memorable moments of personal experience.

Spin the Bottle Service is here to show you that making the most of the touchpoints beyond digital can be as easy as a twist of the wrist.

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Moxness Massage Facilities

Some say: “Know your clientele”. That’s true, and it starts with remembering every client is human and every human is individual. Every massage is tailored to each person’s needs.

That’s the approach at Moxness Massage!

30+ years experience providing relaxing, rejuvenating, deep-tissue massage.

#120 – 1856 Ambrosi Road
Kelowna, B.C.

Email for more info and booking kirsten@alwayscare.ca

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We are proud to be partners of NorthPoint International!

NorthPoint International provides intelligence-led, threat-based programs to the hospitality industry and supports public-private partnership initiatives led by the UN, OSCE, and other international organizations.

NorthPoint International takes pride in offering hospitality companies affordable access to unsurpassed, industry-specific expertise in safety and security, resilience, and cyberthreat.

Learn more about NorthPoint International – NorthPoint International website

Get to know us

Photo of Kirsten Moxness

Kirsten Moxness

Co-founder, Director

Kirsten is an entrepreneur and expert in the fields of massage, wellness and relaxation.

She founded SlowMotion, a Copenhagen-based clinic for massage and wellness in 1993. During her 11 years at the helm, she helped propel massage into one of the most popular employee benefits in Denmark.

Her many client companies included the largest law firm in Denmark, multinational pharmaceutical companies and a global IT-company’s call center. With government ministers and members of the Danish Special Forces divers amongst her individual clients, she literally had the top legal minds and government officials in the palms of her hands as she led the way helping companies focus on wellness to improve employee health and job satisfaction simultaneously.

After moving to Brussels, Belgium, with her husband, Paul, Kirsten provided massage and wellness services at Aspria Royal La Rasante, Brussels’ most exclusive sports and wellness club.

Paul Moxness

Co-founder, Director

Paul likes to say he had a 4-decade gap year in Europe that included a 30-year career at a company that didn’t want to hire him.

He is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in hotel safety and security.  Paul was a founding member of the OSAC Hotel Security Working Group and has contributed to multiple UN, OSCE, EU and other public private partnership initiatives around the world.

He was awarded a Carlson Fellow, the company’s highest individual honour for leadership in 2014. After being named IFSEC’s #1 Global Influencer in the Security Executives Category, Paul retired from Radisson Hotel Group in 2018, where he was global Vice President of Corporate Safety and Security.

Although his career always involved safety and security, at Radisson he was amongst the first Europeans certified to conduct Yes-I-Can service training and, over the years he also gained extensive experience in loyalty program, e-commerce and general hotel management.

Problems aren’t solved by heads stuck in sand, we need to engage and to reach out a hand for we live in a world that we all have to share, and that my dear friend is why we must care.

– Paul Moxness, The Always Care Consulting Company, Inc.

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